Crisis Plan


Osawatomie USD 367

Communication Policy: Communication is an essential part of emergency management. The Osawatomie School District believes it has an obligation to provide full and factual information to the public during normal operations and in emergency situations.

  • Our first obligation is to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

  • We believe that it is essential that our public is made aware of any emergency and the steps being taken to handle that emergency in an honest and straightforward manner.

  • Any communication with parents and staff will be guided when necessary by the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

    • Communication strategies:

      1. Telephone calls to Board of Education Members

      2. Telephone calls to parents of students involved

      3. Letters to parents and staff members

        1. Alerts to agencies which might be involved:

          • Red Cross

          • Salvation Army

          • Civil Defense

          • Poison Control Center

      4. Voice mail recording on school telephones

      5. News Releases

      6. E-mails to staff members

      7. Telephone Hotline

COMMUNICATION WITH PARENTS: The Osawatomie School District believes that it is important and essential to provide factual information regarding crises within limits. We do not cover up mistakes or avoid answering questions. The following are helpful in handling external communication:

  • If the situation calls for a notice to parents, consult with the Superintendent of Schools or his designee before sending any information out to parents.

  • Remember laws regarding confidentially and liability involving schools and students.

  • Provide follow-up communication with parents and the community when available and necessary.

MEDIA POLICY: The Osawatomie School District believes that the media are essential to communicating to the public and to convey facts of any emergency. We will work to provide information to the media in an accurate, timely manner. We will make district staff members available for interviews. We will not disrupt the normal education of our students and will not interfere with our staff's ability to operate their schools and classrooms in a normal manner. We will not allow media representatives into schools except under supervised and structured situations.

To ensure that the media receives accurate and timely information the following procedures will be implemented:

  • All media queries shall be referred to the Superintendent of Schools or his designee.

  • The Superintendent of Schools or his designee will make the decision about what information will be released to the media and public.

  • The Superintendent of Schools or his designee will coordinate interviews with staff and students.

  • Media have a right to all students' "directory information," within the terms of the federal law unless a parent has requested this information be withheld. This includes photographs.

  • Local media will have priority over national and world news outlets.

  • A log will be kept of to whom we speak and what information was provided.