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Scholarship Notes & Updates

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Scholarship due prior to January 2021

DUE November 15
Elks Most Valuable Student - Information and application can be found at

Scholarship Notes
October 2020

Class of 2021, 

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are well into your senior year at OHS! I look forward to working with you as you progress through the year and prepare for the next phase of your education. Part of that preparation should be completing and submitting local scholarship applications. You will want to check your email and refer to this page often throughout the remainder of the year for information and updates regarding local scholarships. I will email and link monthly due date calendars at the bottom of this page beginning with the January 2021 calendar (link will appear in December). Updates, new scholarships, changes, and general information that might be helpful will also be included here

There are a few local scholarship due during the first semester and they are noted above. Most local scholarships will begin coming due in January, after your fall semester grades are finalized and on your transcripts. Therefore, I do not recommend completing most scholarship applications until second semester as many applications request transcripts including gpa and class standing. This information needs to be after first semester grades are included. There will be many local scholarship due dates which students will need to follow closely, approximately two per school day until the first couple of weeks in April. Most local scholarship applications will be available on-line a minimum of two weeks prior to their scheduled due dates. Letters of recommendation are required as part of the application for several local scholarships, as well as students’ personal data sheets/resumes. Advanced preparation is often helpful in getting applications done and submitted on time.  

Please feel free to call me at the school 913-755-2191 ext. 7421, e-mail me at, or stop by. Leave me a voice mail if I am unavailable when
you call. I will get back with you as soon as possible. I look forward to working with the students in this capacity. I hope this will be a successful and enjoyable senior year for you and your senior.

Mrs. Stout-Rhine
OHS Local Scholarship Coordinator

OHS Local Scholarship 

Application Procedures

  1. Access the USD #367 web site at

  2. Select the LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS link from the High School drop down menu. General scholarship information and updates will appear. A link to the monthly Scholarship Due Date calendar will be at the bottom of this page as well.

  3. Click the LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS link at the top of the page to locate the list of scholarships, which contain links to the applications.   

  4. Locate the scholarship for which you would like to apply. If an application is required, the title should be red and an application or organization web site linked to it. If the title is black, there is not an application available or a hard copy must be obtained from Mrs. Stout-Rhine or the organization noted in the description.

  5. Click on scholarship title. 

  6. Complete application, moving from field to field by using the tab key or clicking on the field with the left mouse button.

  7. Save, print and submit hard copy to Mrs. Stout-Rhine.    


Applications requesting transcripts or GPA & class rank should be completed using information after the fall semester grades have been included. Do not use information prepared prior to January 2021. (There are the few exceptions due prior to the end of the first semester and mid-January.) Do not round your GPA on applications.


Check the calendar on the web site often. Periodically due dates may change.

Do not wait until the last minute to complete applications. Several require letters of recommendation and / or signatures from parents, administration, teachers, etc... Lack of planning on your part does not create an emergency for these individuals. Do not expect them to drop their normal responsibilities to write a letter or sign something for you at the last minute. 

Please do not leave applications on my desk. If I’m not available, take the application to the office and ask for them to put it in Mrs. Stout-Rhine’s mailbox. 

Hard copies of calendars will not be mailed. They will be e-mailed to all seniors’ school Gmail accounts and posted on the district web site. Contact me if you have any questions at 913-755-2191 ext. 7421 or