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Monthly Scholarship Newsletter

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Please note an addition to the March 2019 Calendar

John T. Billam Memorial Alumni Scholarship---This scholarship has been established by the family of John Thomas Billam to honor his memory and continue his legacy of assisting young people in Osawatomie. Mr. Billam graduated with the OHS Class of 1950. He and Anna Lee, his wife, have attended every OHS Alumni reunion banquet beginning in 1950 up to May 2018 - making 68 years without a miss! This scholarship is intended to assist an OHS senior further their education. An application is required. DUE DATE MARCH 25.

March 2019 Scholarship Notes

Nothing much has changed since February other than spring break is thrown into this month. Enjoy this break! The remainder of the semester will definitely fly by. Please be sure to turn scholarships in by due dates listed on the calendar. Some organizations have due dates on the applications but those are usually the dates I am expected to get the applications to them. I have assigned due dates to give me time to mail the scholarships to the organizations. 

Note also that changes do occur periodically; due dates change, scholarships are added, etc… I will do my best to post changes on the web site and make applications available a minimum of two weeks prior to affected scholarship’s due date. Check the site often for such changes. Our computer technology department has worked very hard to help us make the scholarship information and application process available online. The process should be user-friendly, but if you run into difficulty, please let me know. 

If a scholarship description states that the application is available from someone outside the district (a church pastor, 4-H leader, etc..), that application due date may not be on the calendar. If you are interested in applying for one of those scholarships, you should be contacting the organization or individual now. 

We still have some applications that will not be on the web for various reasons. Students should check with me if there is a scholarship application not available via the web site a minimum of two weeks prior to the scheduled due date. A paper application may be required or there may be a technical issue. I would like to be made aware of any problems with applications as quickly as possible and will do my best to correct them immediately. If the application is available online, the title within the description will link to the application. The description should indicate if a scholarship requires a paper application and where to obtain the application.    

Personal data sheets/resumes and current transcripts are required to be submitted with many of the applications. It is important that students keep their personal data sheet on their computer and update it as needed. They also need to keep a master copy of their transcript for the many applications which require a transcript.   

We encourage you to contact us whenever you have a question or need assistance. The more communication that you have with Ms. Mildfelt and me the more beneficial it could be to everyone concerned. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

Elizabeth J. Stout-Rhine
OHS Local Scholarship Coordinator

Living Proof due date moved from February 21 to March 5. 

Scholarship DUE March 2019 (not included on Local Calendar)
Westar Energy Craft Scholarship---DUE to Westar Energy March 1. See website linked to title for details. 

The Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship---DUE to Tortoise Capital Advisors March 1. Awarded annually to high school seniors and college students who have demonstrated an interest in entrepreneurship. The scholarship is sponsored by Tortoise Capital Advisors and aims to foster entrepreneurship among today’s youth. See website linked to title for details. 

Kansas County Clerks Election Officials Association Scholarship---DUE to Miami County Clerk/Election Official or Scholarship Chairperson Ellis County Clerk at PO Box 720, Hays, KS 67601 or by March 29. There are twelve $500 scholarships available to Kansas high school seniors, college freshman or college sophomores. The scholarships are for those students who major in Journalism, Political Science, Communications, or Business. 

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