Below is the USD367 Acceptable Use Policy. By hitting accept below, you are agreeing to be held accountable to follow the rules and regulations in this policy. If this is the first time you are using this device on the USD367 network, install the certificate below before accepting the AUP.

I accept the USD367 AUP

USD367 provides WiFi access to all students, staff and approved guest. All traffic is monitored and recorded. App usage is also tracked. Usage requires that a security certificate is installed on your device - see below.

Connection Instructions

  1. If you have not installed the certificate, follow this link in school.

Security Certificate Installation Instructions (one time process)

Windows Certificate
  1. Download the installer here
  2. Run the installer - you need admin rights on your device to do this.

Private Chromebook - no action is needed - please sign in with your school account. Private accounts are not supported.

Technology Acceptable Use Policy Agreement
USD 367, Osawatomie Kansas

USD 367 offers a comprehensive system of technological equipment. Users may have access to internal and external resources in order to retrieve and process information designed to facilitate learning and enhance educational information exchange.

USD 367 assumes responsibility for the management of structure, hardware, and software that allows users access to information technologies for educational purposes. District equipment includes (but is not limited to) laptops, computers, printers, scanners, networks, video and audio recorders, cameras, photocopiers, and telephones. Software includes all computer software. Networks include (but are not limited to) all voice and video data systems, including the district’s internal network and their connection to the internet.

The purpose of these technology systems is to facilitate communications in support of education and research that is consistent with educational objectives for USD 367. The school district reserves the right to monitor all use of technology systems. The district may, at its discretion, review any and all technology systems accessed by users. Such monitoring may be conducted without notice. Acting as agent of USD 367, the administration will determine whether or not specific use of the technology systems is appropriate and consistent with this acceptable use policy. This decision is final. The use of district technology systems is a privilege and may be revoked at any time. USD 367 is not responsible for any actions taken by the users that do not support the purposes and outcomes of USD 367.

Prohibited user activity may include but is not limited to:

Using, possessing, or distributing any media containing applications or data inconsistent with educational objectives.

Using the technology systems for personal or private business, product advertisement, political lobbying, or for incurring financial commitments over the internal or external network.

Using the technology systems to disrupt the activity of others, to harass or discriminate against others, to gain unauthorized access to computer systems or programs, or to initiate any type of virus in any computer system or program.

Using profanity, obscenity, discriminatory language, vulgarities and other inappropriate language, or any graphics and sounds deemed inappropriate.

Using the system to obtain or distribute pornographic and/or sexually suggestive content.

Revealing any personal, confidential, or private information about another individual.

Representing oneself as someone other than oneself.

Using someone else’s account ID or password or allowing someone else to use your account ID or password.

Trespassing in folders not authorized to the specific user.

Damaging equipment or intentionally wasting resources.

Removing hardware and/or software from the premises without prior authorization.

Violating any federal or state copyright or unfair trade law.

Violating any federal, state, local, common law, or criminal law.

Conducting any activity that exposes the district to litigation or expenses.

Violating any laws that might suggest libels or slander.

Personally benefiting from the sale of “User-Developed Subject Matter” created while under the supervision or employment of USD 367.

I have read and agree to abide by the USD 367 Acceptable Use Policy Agreement